Gateway Glitch

Colourful cartoon illustrations of young women taking part in creative workshops

Gateway Glitch brought together a group of women and girls aged 16-25 to explore and challenge their environment through digital technologies. Our sessions ran once a week between April -September 2019.


Gateway Glitch was both a crash course in getting to understand and use various digital media – photography, video making, video editing, field recording, live audio editing, graphic design, animation – and a means of developing critical thinking, by asking questions like…

‘what does it mean to be seen?’


‘what messages am I being sold by the media?’

Sessions were led by professional artists, who shared examples of their work, process and inspirations. This guided the creative direction of each session, with participants responding in their own individual ways.


Here you can see a selection of our activities.


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  1. a portal to learning



  1. a glitch caused the gateway to appear


  1. to be out of one’s comfort zone 

“i glitched”


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Commercial Photography with Megan Winstone


‘It was really cool to be behind the camera working with the subjects. It was a cooperative experience, directing how they should look and making sure they were OK with it.’

‘Because you are making a piece of art with them and trying to convey the message in the correct way – in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and with the right components to make a magazine cover.’

‘I had never thought about portraits and setting up models before but it’s something I really enjoyed. Experiencing this kind of environment more, is something I will consider for the future.’

‘If I wasn’t in this space of women making art, I might not have done it. But since I was in a place where I felt safe and accepted, I felt more confident to do those things, and empowered to do so.’

Gateway Glitcher



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Performance for Camera: Costume with Jennifer Taylor


‘i glitched’

Gateway Glitcher

‘I was overwhelmed by the incredible ambition and scale of the costumes that the young people produced in response to the given materials and guidance. Imaginative surreal features, intricate details and bold complex structures emerged as they developed their visions. The sense of achievement at the end was wonderful to see.’

Jennifer Taylor, artist



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Soundscapes: Field Recording and Live Audio Editing with Teddy Hunter


‘Sharing my skills to enable others to create has been exciting. Through collaborative working, the young people’s confidence in using Ableton and the Push mixing desk grew. I am happy that participants could take away ideas and thoughts around sound, recording and performance.’

Teddy Hunter, artist



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Video Editing with Gweni Llwyd


‘I had a lot of fun listening to Gweni’s stories about image production. And I learned a lot about software that will be useful for further creative work in my life!’

Gateway Glitcher





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Performance for Camera: The Performativity of Food with Sophie Lindsey


‘I was surprised by the range of ways food can be incorporated into art!’

‘We explored this topic in a variety of ways, firstly looking at other artists work, then seeing demonstrations at the Food Festival, and then creating our own work.’

‘I enjoyed drawing from the theory of the session, and then putting my own twist on it.’

‘I was interested in how using a unique and unusual medium can be equally as expressive as traditional art.’

Gateway Glitchers




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ArtistsToril Brancher, Teddy Hunter, Sophie Lindsey, Gweni Llwyd, Kelly O’Brien, Jennifer Taylor, Megan Winstone.
Project Coordinator: Lauren Heckler
Photo Documenter: Kelly O’Brien
Project Volunteer and Illustration Documenter: Kirsty Ann
With thanks to The Wool Croft, Abergavenny Community Centre, The Melville Centre and Abergavenny Food Festival.