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Writing Workshop: Understanding Your Narrative

Writing Workshop: Understanding Your Narrative


Bestselling author Helena Attlee will lead this half-day workshop for creative freelancers. Our stories define who we are and what we do. This workshop will help you to identify the story of your work and communicate it effectively to audiences, clients and communities.

Tues 6 Nov, 10am-1pm


This a FREE workshop supported by The Royal Literary Fund.


Peak Collective

The Black Mountains are home to a vibrant community of artists, writers and makers. The Peak Collective supports this community by delivering professional development programmes and making space to meet and connect.

You can visit the Peak Collective web page to sign up for a seasonal e-newsletter providing an overview of events, opportunities and interviews. Please also visit the web page to reserve a place for autumn events.

Contact: info@peak.cymru / 01873 811579

Life Writing with Renée Stanton

Life Writing with Renée Stanton


Life Writing allows people to write about their own lives and not get bogged down in plot, character, beginnings and endings. Everybody has stories to tell, drawn from their own experience and Life Writing can give them a voice. We all have different life experiences and nobody’s life is so mundane that it can’t be written about.

These six sessions will provide opportunities for new subject areas about which to write. We will reflect on writing for ourselves and writing to engage and sustain the interest of others; finding different voices with which to write; thinking about perspectives; finding ways of organising our writing; experimenting with style and form.

These sessions will build on the previous ones but will also be accessible to newcomers. We will also read some examples of Life Writing together (poetry as well as prose) and share our thoughts and emotional responses.

5th, 12th, 19th, 26th March + 2nd, 9th April

This course is now full. To be added to the reserve list contact Rachel Dunlop, Participation Manager e:rachel@peak.cymru t:01873 811579